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Building alignment between vision and reality

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Meta Sessions in 2 minutes

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This is how it starts. A complimentary hour together to align on what you're looking for and see if what I provide is a fit.

My Story

Fascinated by coaching, lifestyle design and self development, I, Vanessa Pan started Meta Sessions spring of 2020.


Captivated by the concept of living our values, I've dedicated my adult life to creating the world I want to live in. I naturally gravitate towards resourcing and cheering on those around me.

In my own lifestyle design, I have lived in three countries, learning three new languages, released two singer-songwriter albums on Spotify, and contributed to numerous startups as a business developer. However, I really identify mostly as a passionate go-getter who really cares about the people I surround myself with.

I am devoted to exploring human potential as well as the powerful effects of attaining deeper relationships. I have worked with my clients to help them get closer to their own alignment. I firmly believe that holding an open and loving space is one of the most effective ways to facilitate growth.


Jerry, Massachusetts

I enjoy being coached by Vanessa.
She builds from the positive, starting from total acceptance of me as I am. Our sessions are fun, focused and energizing.
Sharply focused and results-oriented, Vanessa challenges me to go where I say I want to go.
And she can go wherever I go - from deeply personal exploration to high-level business strategizing.

Seidy, Texas

"I felt so welcome in my sessions with Vanessa. She really listens and is careful in guiding you to accomplishing your goals rather than just telling you flat out what you need to do. Her method keeps you in control and I’m so grateful to have her as my helping hand."
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Tatumn, California

Working with Vanessa has been extremely impactful. Her insightful guidance and personalized approach has been helping me navigate a life and career transition with confidence, clarity, and direction. She has been equipping me with skills and strategies that are helping to propel my growth.
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Beliefs & Values

You are whole. These sessions are a secure loving space for you to gain greater insight and empowerment. In designing the world you want to live in, I hope you feel like these sessions are akin to having a power tool in your tool box. I also hope you feel the support of knowing that I am on your team.

In our sessions we can talk about anything: career, relationships, health, money, sex, dreams, fears, anything. The purpose of these sessions is to serve you right now and for your future.

What's unique about this coaching



Care and Commit

This organization is made to support people who see and respect the value of this type of work. The triple bottom line is to have that as priority. 

Expect to be encouraged, resourced and treated with dignity throughout our whole working relationship. 

If you're committed, I'm committed.

I'm in the bucket seat with you and you're not alone whatever we choose to focus on.


4 in 1 - Many hats

I prioritize coaching as a means to guide you in discovering your own process and solutions.


At times, additional support in the form of consulting, assistance, or companionship can also be beneficial. Furthermore, external resources can provide valuable context and empowerment in your unique circumstances.


The framework

We have a light framework that focuses on getting you present in your body and mind at the beginning and end of each session. The center of our session is whatever is present for you, which normally means me asking questions noting your answers and reframing them back to your for alignment.


After we'll fill out a form that will be generated into an infographic Meta Keepsake for you to hold on to as a souvenir of accountability. 

All of this is to align you more with the person that you are and want to be. Meeting yourself where you're at and getting you going to where you want to go.

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