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How do you want to be?

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Our Beliefs

You are whole. These sessions are a supplemental secure loving space for you to gain greater insight and empowerment. In designing the world you want to live in, I hope you feel like these sessions are akin to having a power tool in your tool box. I also hope you feel the support of knowing that I am on your team.

In our sessions we can talk about anything: career, relationships, health, money, sex, dreams, fears, anything. The purpose of these sessions is to serve you.


In the Spring of 2012 in downtown Oakland, Vanessa met her neighbor, Neil, a life coach. Vanessa was immediately intrigued and asked if she could do an informative interview.  She was curious about coaching as she had previously only experienced therapy. Neil not only did the interview with Vanessa, but also gave her a complimentary session. In this session she was pleased to find herself in a safe and loving space (much like therapy) but with the added benefit of being able to expand her perception of the future she wanted to see for herself and how to get there. There was a magic to this space and she's been in it ever since. She's continued using coaching services up to the founding of her own coaching practice "Meta Sessions" where she creates somethings she hasn't yet found in the coaching world outside of her practice.


Captivated by the concept of living our values through lifestyle design, Vanessa has dedicated her adult life to creating the world she wants to live in. Vanessa has lived in three countries, learning three new languages, released two singer-songwriter albums on Spotify, contributed to numerous startups as a business developer but really identifies mostly as a passionate go getter who really cares about the people she surrounds herself with. She currently enjoys her life in between Guadalajara, Mexico and Maui, Hawaii as she follows the two dreams of developing Meta Sessions and an eco village.


With an endless curiosity, Vanessa is dedicated to helping her clients improve the dance between where they are and where they want to be. She is devoted to exploring human potential as well as the powerful effects of attaining deeper relationships. She believes that holding an open and loving space is one of the most effective ways to facilitate growth. In the Meta Session Vanessa facilitates her clients to achieve a stronger sense of self in order to maximize the level of fulfillment in their lives.

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How it works

Book a complimentary hour intro session from the calendar options below.


After we discuss what's the best fit for future sessions.


Payment is something we co-create with a pay what works model.

When people ask for a frame of reference $175/session or $900 for a 6 session package is seen as reasonable. If these numbers make you feel uncomfortable let's talk about it, this a is client driven process and I'm happy to get creative in meeting clients where they're at.

You Steer


When you're curious to try something but you feel like someone is trying to 'close' you just for your money. Hate that?!? Us too!


This organization is made to support people. The triple bottom line is to have that as priority. All financial exchange is 100% voluntary. 

Two Hats


We lead with coach first, which is to help you find your process and your answers. Sometimes it's helpful to use the  consultant hat. Ask for advice, methods, theories or outside experiences to contextualize your situation.

Visual Keepsakes

Vanessa8_1_2022 15_18_13.png

At the end of every session we'll fill out a form that will be generated into an infographic Meta Keepsake for you to hold on to as a souvenir of accountability.

Our Difference

Thus Far

Where we are and where we want to go

We're happy to say that we've served many types of people in many types of situations.  Conducted sessions in over 4 countries, serving people from ages from 19 to 75. We've covered an array of topics from redefining one's life purpose, relationships with stuff, family, partners and money, managing breakups, building careers, sustaining a meaningful side project and much more. This organization is Vanessa's dream job and will be around as long as Vanessa is alive. Would you like to have her on your team?

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“Vanessa offered me a space to freely and openly explore those pieces, and decide for myself what the priorities were. In my Meta Sessions, I always felt present and connected to my body, which can be difficult for those of us with anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Meta Sessions.”

- Jordan M

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